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Welcome Dear One, 

my name is Friederike von Benten (Dipl. Psych.) and I’m happy to guide you from feeling stuck in your life back to a state of freedom and flow. 

I’d say, following one’s own flow of life is one of the most rewarding things! However, I know that at some points you can become so stuck, that you feel unable to move back or forth. For instance: 

You’re ready for a transformation, for the next step – but it’s hard and tiring, to figure it all out on your own. Trust me, I’ve been there. And I’d be honored to guide you to more self-leadership, new-beginnings, finding back to yourself and owning your authenticity.  

Be True. Be You.

“Friederike, when you enter that door of your company in the morning, you have to leave your Soul outside.”

This statement has been a tipping point in my career: I was unhappy with my job, my work, my life and I received this advice from a fellow senior consultant. And it really struck me.

At that moment, I promised myself:

I will never be a soulless person!

And I kept my promise:
I proofed that
with courage, confidence and trust
following your own unique flow of life –
it is absolutely possible, to live your best life. 

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Quantum Flow

Unlock Your Natural Potential

2019 I fell in love with a revolutionary method called Quantum Flow that has changed my life ever since and I am beyond grateful to share it today with the world. 

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