The world I experience has become a very fast place: 

Instant response.

Instant downloads.

Instant streaming.

Instant access

It’s just normal that people are looking for an instant way to “instant healing”,

Or instant success, instant happy relationships…

Honestly, I was looking for that as well, when I struggled with my job and my relationship.

I was unaware of my limitations and blocks. I was also unaware just how much I self-sabotaged, even though things were “good” in my life.

And, yes, I wanted an instant solution!

I found help in Quantum Healing and Quantum Flow (I refer to both as “Quantum Work”), provided by Regan Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona.

It assisted me in gaining more self-knowledge.

More self appreciation.

More control over my emotional and energetic state, allowing me to transform a very shitty mood into a good one!

I gained a completely new understanding about the relationship between my body and my mind.

And it taught me how to manage that self-knowledge, turn off the annoying and self-sabotaging voice in my head
and focus on what I truly wanted. 

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What is Quantum Healing?

The term “Quantum Healing” was first introduced by Deepak Chopra, M.D., in his book Quantum Healing (1989).

He explained certain types of sudden and dramatic healing of the human body, such as spontaneous remissions, that were not understood by conventional medicine.

In 1985 Chopra became director of the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center in Lancaster, Massachusetts, USA where his renowned work with cancer patients combines Quantum Healing with modern Western medical treatments.

These extraordinary forms of healing are related to understandings of quantum physics and of consciousness.

It is an understanding that one can activate profound healing of the mind and body by consciously accessing this quantum level of our being.

The method essentially is a combination of psychology, philosophy and neurophysiology, that governs all health and well-being.

Quantum means “how great” or “how much,” but it also describes the tiniest discrete unit of the fluid field of consciousness.

Quantum healing is a sudden and dramatic healing of the human body. It’s directing healing of the body and mind from a deep unmanifested level of consciousness.

It raises you to the next level. It’s deep work on the inside that helps you release or let go of your limiting beliefs, blockages and the wounds of the past. It can and will be reflected in your life, your relationships and your business.

It reprograms the unconscious mind.

Juan Pablo Barahona

Quantum Healing is aiming at getting us back to the direct source of any issues.

It is a way of finding that as good as all answers lie within us.

Bringing us back, to our natural state of health and bliss

(some call this the state of the soul).

It is a powerful, unique mindset changing tool that holistically assists



and the calling in of abundance.

Whom is Quantum Work for?

Actually, everyone can benefit from it.

Quantum Healing can benefit you if you are

  • Struggling with a current situation
  • Successful and wanting to take it to the next level
  • Looking to liberating yourself more
  • Struggling with self-doubt
  • Feeling a low self esteem

Are your ready & willing to clear out limiting beliefs holding that are holding you back?

All it takes is to surrender to your rational mind (because all of this can sound a bit wooovooo 🤪) and give yourself permission to be curious, try and explore something new!

How does Quantum Healing/ Quantum Flow work?

Quantum Healing includes a variety of modalities. They and Quantum flow are using principles of:

Quantum Physic Neuroscience, Quantum Mechanics, Yoga, Qi Gong, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Emotional Release, NLP, Kinesiology, Sound Healing, muscle bio-sculpting, deep core work, meditation,  and more. 

By using science as a platform, it takes all of these “old” methods into a new and fast approach!

The modalities work on many layers of our being, helping to:

  • focus the mind
  • cultivate inner power and strength
  • reset the nervous system
  • enhance brain wave coherence
  • activate muscles and understand their relationship to mindset, emotions, energy
  • balance emotions
  • detox the internal organs
  • and much more.

Contact me and I’m happy to tell you more about it. 

Njoy & live your best life

Aloha, Friederike